Our Mission

We believe AI coding tools can't be monopolised by big corporations. A small organisation can create useful open source tools for millions of people, using the power of the internet, public data, crowdsourcing and your help.

We plan to make money by selling inference services through API, software subscriptions, commercial licensing of our products, and partnerships.

We plan to create useful tools and make them available though plugins and in console, train better and bigger models.

The Team

Oleg Klimov

Looney Tech

Oleg Kiyashko

Friendly Adviser

Vlad Guber

Financial Magic

Sergey Vakhreev

ML Engineer

Valeriy Verezhynkyi

Data Engineer

Maksym Nevinchanyy

DevOps genius

Dimitry Ageev

ML Engineer

Kirill Starkov

ML Engineer